GGC Certification Process

  • A Warehouse operator submits an application letter requesting participation in GGC warehouse receipting
  • ┬áThe warehouse operator is registered as a GGC member
  • Upfront inspection costs are paid before inspection exercise is commenced
  • GGC identifies and commissions a credible Collateral manager to assess warehouse against preset criteria

– structures

– equipment ( handling)

– staff skills

– lease, audited records, past record

– Insurance policy

  • The Inspection firm undertakes inspection and reports to GGC
  • GGC presents the Inspection report to the warehouse operator . In case the GGC standards are not met the warehouse operator is required to work on non-conformities
  • A follow up inspection is carried out to assess the remedial works
  • If all the certification are met, the GGC issues a license to the warehouse operator. Warehouse is certified.

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