Depositors Information

  1. Minimum volumes to earn a warehouse receipt is approximately 50bags ( 50kg bag sizes )
  2. Any grade disputes will be resolved through the Ghana Standard Authority
  3. Sampling and grading at Ghana grains council certified warehouse is based on Ghana national standards created by the Ghana Standard Authority
  4. Depositor is required to provide the following :
    • Next of Kin ( in case of death, ailment etc )
  5. Warehouse would accept lower grades, so need to bring on board feed manufacturers
  6. Depositor has right to information on all cost of the warehouse prior to deposit
  7. In case of emergency, warehouse operator will move grains to another warehouse and new receipts created
  8. Depositors should see to it that all weighing and testing machines are well calibrated and has certificates
  9. Apply directly to GGC for receipts replacement
  10. Grains can only be stored for maximum of five ( 5 ) months in GGC certified warehouse
  11. Require a receipt transfer forms to transfer a receipt
  12. Depositor produce and surrender the original receipt before grains are delivered
  13. Grains shall not be delivered before full payment is made on warehouse charges
  14. Depositors are free to contact any GGC member banks for grain financing. GGC will introduce them to member financial institutions and inform them from time to time lowest rates in the market and if possible negotiate on their behalf.
  15. Insurance will overrun the period of warehouse certification so there is no period insurance runs out and grain still stored

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