Benefits of Membership


  • Opportunity for nomination onto the GGC Executive Council
  • Guaranteed senior level representation in all dialogues
  • Access to free training services for up to a maximum of 5 core staff
  • Access to full range of market access & linkages
  • Opportunities to be engaged as a consultant on matters/areas of expertise
  • 30% discounts on all GGC paid services
  • Free access to GGC trade exhibitions and conferences
  • Free advertising opportunities in quarterly GGC publications –year round
  • Unlimited access to participate in policy analysis and discussions
  • Opportunities to participate and lead committees within the Council’s ambit.
  • Free access to full range of GGC’s market information systems (prices/analysis/reports/forecasts etc.) plus all core services



  • 20% discounts on all GGC paid Services
  • Opportunity to be elected to the GGC Executive Council
  • Free access to GGC training Seminars, training and testing workshops and facilities
  • Free access to selected GGC Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Access to free Training services for up to a maximum of 3 core staff
  • Access to free Trade exhibitions and conferences
  • Financial service linkages
  • Access to full range of Market access & linkages
  • Access to free online marketing platforms twice a year
  • Opportunity to advertise twice a year in GGC website
  • Plus core benefits



  • Discount on selected GGC products
  • Invitation to participate in key training programs-free
  • Invitation to participate on GGC technical committee and to participate on matters of policy and related matters
  • Access to market information services, including prices, trends, analysis and related reports
  • Access to full range of Market access & linkages



  • Invitation to participate in selected policy
  • Free Market Information Services (MIS) around the year (including prices of various    grain commodities) dialogues meetings, workshops & other  market linkage events
  • Access to facilitation services; some degree    of market access & linkages
  • Free issue of GGC publications (including the GGC Voice)
  • Free introductory feature in GGC Voice
  • Free issue of GGC membership pack (GGC ID Card; Certificate of membership; Welcome    letter; GGC branded souvenir)
  • Free access to GGC Information Directorate



  • Chance to have access to some policy discussions and position papers produced by the Council.
  • Access to some services of GGC including information on training and seminars and newsletters.


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