About Us

The Ghana Grains Council (GGC) is a private sector-led initiative formed with funding from USAID’s ATP and ADVANCE projects.

It is a body formed by leaders in the grain business with the aim of intervening in the grains value chain to achieve improvement in productivity, quality and greater commercialisation of the industry.

Its core objectives are as follows:

  • Develop advocacy capacity – specifically lobby for favourable government policies towards the grain industry.
  • Initiate and develop a new Warehouse Receipt System (WRS). The WRS is responsible for certifying and enforcing agreed standards for the grains industry.
  • Increased quality, productivity and profitability by positive interventions within the grains value chain.
  • Facilitate workshops and conferences for stakeholders with the goal of improving the current standards within the value chain.
  • Facilitate the wide distribution of current market prices.
  • Facilitate institutional sales for quality grain that meets agreed industry standards.
  • Facilitate an arbitration panel in case of stakeholder disputes.


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